BSBP series


The Bible Studies for Busy People (BSBP) began in a small

group attached to the author's local church and then spread to

other churches. It is for a specific group of people - those who

really want to study the Bible but who feel that there always

seems to be too much to do. They simply don't have time to

study the Bible.


Life can be so hectic and whilst there are many very good Bible

studies and commentaries available, these can be quite off-

putting for very busy people.

The studies do not claim to be an in-depth look at a particular

book of the Bible. They are meant to be used as an overview

and to help the reader to obtain a good grasp of the subject

matter without having to use hours of their time.


There are 10 studies presently available.  You can find more

details by clicking HERE

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