About How Do I Know Books

"But how do you really know you know God?" a friend of mine asked me one day and the 'How do I know?' series began!

I wanted to answer that question and give it the attention it deserved.  The more I thought about it the more I realised that it encapsulated many questions that different people have about God.  I decided to write down all the questions I once had (and still sometimes have) in my own mind and those I had heard asked by other people.

Then I thought I would try to put this all down in a structured way and thus 'How do I know I know God?' was written.  I wrote it for my friends but to my utter amazement many people bought it and continue to buy it in different countries.  I have been quite overwhelmed at the way in which God has used my small loaves and fishes (John 6) for His glory.  It demonstrates the power of the awesome God I know that He is able to use what we bring to Him - however small it is.

The first book then led to the next one - if I know God and love the Lord Jesus then surely I would want to do what He wants me to do.  The second book was written as a challenge to myself and perhaps to others too.  It may not be written for you but it may be written about you!  You may find you are actually in the book as an example to me and to others - showing the love of Jesus to all you meet.

The third book in the series is also now available in both electronic and paperback formats.   'How do I know God answers prayer?' continues the conversation between two people but this time the discussion is on the subject of prayer.




About the Author

Margaret Weston is the author of the 'How do I know?' series and the BSBP series.  She is also a speaker and speaks both in the UK and Spain about subjects associated with her books and her life but always about Jesus.  She has also been accredited by Tearfund as a speaker and loves to speak on their behalf.  Margaret believes that Tearfund is living the Gospel.  Sharing the Good News about Jesus in word and deed.    If you would like to make a booking with Margaret for a speaking engagement then please contact her via the 'contact' tab above. 

Margaret enjoyed successful careers in banking and management consultancy and has professional qualifications in both areas (ACIS; ACIB).   She also has a degree in theology with London University.   She enjoys writing and speaking and is also involved in voluntary work with her local church and in the community.  She is a passionate supporter of the work of Tearfund.